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Desktop calendar planner that allows to schedule directly from Windows desktop
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28 February 2011

Editor's review

Screen Calendar, will create an active desktop calendar that will easily merge with your desktop wallpaper and displays its data.
As its name suggests this customizable tool will allow you to display a real time calendar on your desktop. The customizable calendar features to be small, large, transparent that can be put just over wallpaper with display of the to-do list in the day cells. You can change pick and note any dates or holidays just by clicking on a calendar. Moreover the tool also allows you to; display full or half of the next month, select skins and background images or even Winamp skins for your calendar, select images from folder or image list, change backgrounds, show or hide calendar, week numbering, customize holidays, organize desktop icons, display current date on the system tray icon, add notes, print notes and calendar, and many more features.
The calendar also supports dual-monitors and can synchronize records with Microsoft Outlook too.

Publisher's description

Desktop calendar planner for Windows 7 - meet new Screen Calendar 7.5.
Screen Calendar 7.5 is a Windows XP/Vista/7 utility for adding handy calendar planner to Windows desktop wallpapers. Screen Calendar 7.5 is fully compatible with Microsoft Office 2010. Other new features of the released version are:
* optional calendar substrate;
* popup notification of iCalendar source updates;
* Dutch language for calendar and user interface added;
* ability to import events from more than one Outlook calendar (SC Outlook Edition only).
Screen Calendar allows scheduling directly from Windows desktop. Double-clicking desktop calendar will open Screen Calendar day scheduler or Outlook Calendar (in SC Outlook edition). Added events become available on the desktop as well - either as hints in small calendar or as descriptions in full-screen calendar. Desktop calendar is fully customizable - user can change its size, transparency, color, font, alignment, add or remove substrate, change marks and default holidays. Scheduler appearance is customizable as well. One can add events with recurrence, reminder, attachments, and full description. Every record can be easily postponed to the next or another day or edited.
Screen Calendar supports exchanging data in iCal format. That allows adding events to a desktop calendar simply importing them from iCalendar files (.ics files). Screen Calendars supports importing events from both local files and remote sources (like web calendars). Besides, records from the desktop calendar can be exported to iCal file.
Screen Calendar can serve as wallpaper changer. It can show backgrounds from folder or custom list and switch them in a given time period from 5 minutes to 12 hours, at every startup or once-a-month. Other advantages of Screen Calendar are desktop icons management, printing and saving desktop calendar and notes, synchronization with Outlook (for SC Standard edition) and more.
Screen Calendar
Screen Calendar
Version 7.5
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This program is the best desktop manager for widescreen monitors I`ve ever tried. It allows to stretch wallpapers so that they cover all the desktop without distortion. Also, one can arrange background image not only in the center of a monitor, but in any corner or on any side. I like that.
It is a neat combination of a task scheduler and a desktop calendar in one program. I like it very much for its handy scheduler and for calendar which looks as I want - small, full screen, transparent, colored or even chameleonic. My rate is "excellent"!
This is very useful programm, i like its friendly interface very much!!!
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